July 2006

FURTHER STOP PRESS --- Just received an email from Viv of The Riverside Club in Lincoln. After 25th August 2006 this great little club will cease and all subsequent rockin' nights will be cancelled, unfortunately for us this means our gig on Saturday 7th October has now been shelved. Again sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but it is totally out of our control. Seems to be a sign of the times unfortunately. If you want to see rockin' bands like us on the circuit, please please please go and support the few remaining rock n roll clubs out there.

STOP PRESS --- All gigs at The Station Hotel in Redcar have now been CANCELLED until further notice because the pub has ceased trading under the current management. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but it is totally out of our control.

June 2006

Thanks to everyone who supported us at The M&D Club in Stockton and at Stew's Hot Wax Club in Blaydon, it's good to see a few familiar faces. For those of you who have not been up to Blaydon on Sunday nights, it maybe worth a look, we had a cracking night there and Stew did a fine job with the music. Keep it up Stew!! and the music that is!

March 2006 - New CD

It's finally out!! Our new cd "HEARTBREAK SOUP" has finally been released on Pink 'n' Black records, please check out our DISCOGRAPHY page for track listing

January 2006 - Forthcoming cd

Well, we have finally finished the recording of our new cd which is due out in March on the Pink & Black label and very pleased we are with it too! Perry from Pink & Black has organised a "Rockabilly Party" to coincide with the promotion of our cd. It will be held at The Chelmsford Social Club on Saturday 25th March 2006. See gig guide for further details.

September 2005 - Preston

It was good to be back again at The Deafway Club in Preston after finally getting our dates together with Bob & Gaz. It was also great to see another old pro 'Dave Machin' who was doing his 2nd gig at this club as DJ and a mighty fine stint he did too! Also what a surpise to see them old die hards "The Grantham Crew" who very kindly made the 3 hour journey across country to come and support us. Also we'd like to thank everyone who turned up to support us and show their enthusiasm, which helps make the whole thing worthwhile. Well done to Bob & Gaz who manage to keep the club going through thick and thin. (Sorry to hear about the loss of your speakers lads)

August 2005 - Grantham

Is this the way to Amarillo??   Perse, Steve & Pete (the winner of the cocktail!) the only 3 gays in the village. mmmmmm!!   "This is how I have a crap!"

What a crazy time we had with the Grantham lot at the Railway Club. That was after a visit to the pub earlier in the afternoon, where Steve prepared a delicious little cocktail which was to be awarded to a special person later in the evening.

The venue was ideal for a rockin' gig and DJ Poor Boy Paul did a great job in providing the folks with sounds they wanted to hear. Our 1st set seemed to be very well received as people were beginning to warm up, (anything to do with the drink??) and once we noticed "Crazy Legs Perse" struttin' his stuff we could sense we were on a winner.

During our second set, we were prompted to announce the winner of the "Numpty Of The Year Award" and asked Pete to step up and claim his prize cocktail which was prepared earlier by Steve. Part of the acceptance ceremony was that Pete had to drink down that cocktail in one! ooooooeeeeee he sure did, never missed a drop!! (Feel free to ask Steve or Pete for that matter what was in that special cocktail!!!)

The night was absolutely brilliant and the atmosphere was electrifying, so much so that we look forward to maybe one day playing there again. Thanks to all who supported us and made the night a success for all the folks who organised it.

July 2005 - Bologna, Italy

What a great festival in Bologna, Italy, great booze, great music, great food, great people and warm weather!! What more could you want? It's time for thanks again to a couple of great people who helped us pull off the performance at this festival. Due to earlier commitments, both Mickie and Joe were unable to play at this festival, but to keep our side of the bargain we drafted in the help of Andy Williams on guitar and Mandy Stroud on double bass and what a great job they both did.

Undetered by foreign territory, Mandy slapped that bass with a rockin' grace whilst Andy turned it yet another sterling performance (he even got carried away at one point... is there no stopping this kid?).

Mandy & Andy showed real professionalism and handled our songs with great ease, it was a real pleasure to work with them both.

Mandy has a great style and elegance on bass and can be seen regularly playing with her band, Country Cattin'.

The crowd were fantastic and really showed us great support, thanks to everyone who organised this brilliant event and for giving us this opportunity to perform in such fine surroundings.


June 2005 - Victoria Pub, Saltburn

We would sincerely like to thank Johnny Vee, from the fabulous Country Cattin', for standing in for Joe Guillan on guitar. As many of you may know, Joe is a very sought after musician playing with a variety of artists, so to fulfill our many bookings we will from time to time be utilising the skills of Johnny Vee and Andy Williams.

John is a fantastic guitarist who is ideally suited to the style of our music. He has sweated and toiled many an hour listening and playing along to the sounds of Merle Travis. If you're a fan of Merle Travis, keep your eyes out for Johhny Vee.


June 2005 - Houndogs Rock n Roll Club, Newport

It was a long time coming, but we were fortunate enough to return to this great venue for Ian and the gang after our last performance there in 1999. The crowd were really receptive and made us feel welcome as always. It was good to see some of our friends and familiar faces and even the pub down the road brought back memories. Good luck to Houndogs and long may it continue.


April 2005 - Juke Box Club, Witham

Happy 7th birthday to the Juke Box club in Witham, Essex. It just goes to show all the hard work by Julie is paying off. We were privileged enough to play for the 5th and 7th birthday of the club and maybe who knows the 10th?? Good luck and best wishes to Julie on her forthcoming wedding.


March 2005 - Andy Williams

Thanks go out to Andy Williams for standing in for Joe Guillan on guitar at such short notice. He did a mighty fine job at 2 important gigs with time for only 1 rehearsal.

The first was at Lengnau in Zurich and the second at The Bufallo Mountain Country Festival in Edinburgh. Andy, who is a very talented all round musician and singer, has agreed to act as stand in again if any unforeseen circumstances may arise in the future. Thanks again Andy.


November 2004 - Rockin' In Kent

What a crackin' night we had in Kent. We were privileged to be the first band to play at the new venue of the 'Heart Of Kent Rock n Roll & Rockabilly Club' which was at The Orchard Spot, Spot Lane, Bearstead, Maidstone. Our host for the evening was the ever witty Rockin Mike George (well somebody has to be a Millwall supporter!!) and what a fine welcome he gave us. It was also great to see some old friends and familiar faces, 'Mad Rat' Spike, Leroy & the boys from 'Rocket 88' and the infamous Willie Jeffrey. There was a great atmosphere at this venue and the sound was tremendous. The rockin tunes were supplied by the up and coming deejay 'Moonshine Mama'.

Check out the review here


October 2004 - Fond farewell to Ian

After a very successful 10 year partnership, our talented lead guitarist, Ian Rhodes, has decided to call it a day from gigging with the Skip Rats. Those of you who know Ian well, will be aware of the constant pain Ian suffers when playing guitar, due to the injuries he sustained some years ago in a road accident,

Ian has decided to continue playing with the Infernos, which will enable him to reduce the amount of live playing he has to endure. Both Mickie and Colin wish Ian the very best for the future and would like to thank him for his support and friendship over the years.

Our new/original guitarist and friend Joe Guillan has kindly agreed to join us again for the foreseeable future. All gigs that are currently booked in will be fulfilled and we are currently compiling our gigs diary for 2005. We are also currently working on material for our next album which will be released on the Foot Tapping Records label.


We would like to take this opportunity in thanking everyone who supports us at our gigs and appreciates our music.



The Skip Rats 2009